Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Bedroom Redesign

I have been working on the guest bedroom for a couple months now. I am horrible at taking before pictures so I don't have any of those to show but I basically started with a blank slate.  When we moved in last February, I did have a bed that I put in the room with old bedding so it would be functional but I knew I had plans to change it once the downstairs was complete!  My inspiration actually came from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  I would like to eventually have some drapes made but for now I am finished.  I upholstered the headboard early this week and it was the easiest project I have even done.  From start to finish it only took an hour and I am so happy with the way it turned out!  Everything in the bedroom (besides the bedding) I either already had in the attic or was free! Headboard- from my Aunt Alice; bedside table from Jason's parents that I refinished, mirror also from Jason's parents, and the old window above the bed was from a neighbor who just got new windows which was also refinished.

Upholstered headboard and new bedding.
 Bedside table that was refinished

Feels so good to finally have it finished...for now!

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